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30 years of experience offering technical expertise and innovative solutions.

Victor Enterprises offers a diverse range of automotive, industrial and , aviation lubricants, diesel fuels, AdBlue, and specialty chemical products for commercial, industrial, and aviation applications. It is holding an authorised distributorships for major petroleum companies servicing customers of more than 3,000 in Singapore and regionally. Founded in 1982, Victor Enterprises is a wholly owned subsidiary of Santa United International Holdings Pte Ltd.  As an authorised distributor of ExxonMobil, Victor Enterprises is a well-established company in its role as regional supplier of fuels, lubricants and specialty chemicals.

Backed by reputable branded products, a competent professional sales team, a highly qualified technical support team, and a dedicated customer support team, Victor Enterprises drives significant, measurable value for  customers, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and fleet operators, users in the transportation, building and construction and manufacturing sectors, as well as airlines, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) service providers. 

Victor Enterprises' holistic offering includes the provision of professional technical experts offering comprehensive analysis and troubleshooting to enhance equipment performance. Technical assessments are also conducted to identify the best products for specific operational needs. The company aims to deliver one-stop convenience for customers and provide a range of services which include bulk deliveries for on-site operations, storage facilities, transportation, and a flexible array of logistics services to suit customers’ needs.

Victor Enterprises is constantly enhancing its service offering to better serve a portfolio of customers with diverse and varying needs. The company's systems and processes comply with international quality, environment, health and safety standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.  Vehicle fleet and warehousing facilities are certified for the transportation and storage of highly flammable liquids and hazardous products.

Victor Enterprises is highly responsive to customers’ needs and provides uncompromising service standards 24/7. The role of the company as an official fuel supplier for the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit attests the commitment to reliability and peak performance, customer responsiveness, and uncompromising service standards

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