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Diesel Fuels
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Victor Enterprises owns a fleet of road tankers and trucks to supply high-quality diesel fuels to a diversified customer based in Singapore. Customers include users in transportation, logistics, service, manufacturing and construction sectors.

Victor Enterprises ensures that all fuels supplied to customers are in strict compliance with applicable government laws and regulations. The company is committed to provide customers with supply reliability, which means offering customers peace of mind, product availability, integrity, and a commitment to the highest standards of business operations and ethics.

Supply Options

Victor Enterprises does not believe in one-size-fits-all. Therefore, the company offers a wide range of products and services to meet the customers' fuel supply needs. The options available include supply-bulk or top-up quantities and deliver directly to customer's storage tanks and equipment as well as customers refueling from fleet card service stations.


For customers with sizable volume, Victor Enterprises provides steel storage fuel tanks that are fully compliant with Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) legislative requirements. The company assists customers to obtain a storage license as part of the value-added services provided.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Victor Enterprises provides fleet card services to their customers to assist them with fuel management. Using the fleet card services, customers are able to know their fleet's diesel expenditures at once glance with monthly fuel consumption report and have a full control of their fleet's usage by setting limit to each vehicle. Customers are able to access and view instant online transaction reports if there is a suspected fraud transaction. With the fleet card service provided, Victor Enterprises helps customers to control and manager their business with convenience and ease.

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