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Specialty Chemicals

As a preferred reseller of ExxonMobil for Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, Victor Enterprises offers a wide range of ExxonMobil chemicals and specialty polymers for enhanced performance of materials across various rubber and plastic applications in the automotive, consumer goods, and compounding industries.

Product Data Sheet
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Vistalon EPDM Rubber

Vistalon EPDM Rubber is used in automotive radiator hoses, window weather stripping, gaskets, roofing membranes, and cable insulation. It offers superior processing abilities, weather, and ozone resistance, stability of insulation properties in water and longer lifespan in extreme environmental conditions.

Safety Data Sheet
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Vistamaxx SE

Vistamaxx SE improves and extends the properties of polymers and compounds for special requirements particularly effective in applications that requires greater elasticity, enhanced flexibility, transparency, and adhesion.

Santroprene TPV

Santroprene TPV combines the flexibility and low compression set of vulcanised rubber with the processing ease of thermoplastics. It improves the performance and production costs in consumer and industrial product application. Lightweight feature enhances efficiency and fuel economy in automotive applications.

Exact Plastomers

Exact Plastomers enhances toughness, clarity and sealing performance of flexible packaging materials. Select products comply with a wide range of FDA food contact regulations.

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