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Logistic Services
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Victor Enterprises' order fulfilment for delivery and inventory management are fully serviced by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Santa Logistics Pte Ltd.

Santa Logistics was established in 1998 primarily to support the petroleum distribution business. It has since grown to offer warehousing and logistics solutions for all types of goods including hazardous cargoes, such as corrosive, toxic and flammable products.

Today, Santa Logistics' expertise covers third-party logistics services for external clients from diverse industries such as aviation, supporting the highly regulated and time sensitive Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), Project Equipment, Constructions, and Chemical Management logistics requirements.

Ready systems and infrastructure, including access to Victor Enterprises' fleet of tankers and truck for local distribution which enables the company to package flexible and cost-effective solutions for various shipping and distribution requirements.

Santa Logistics owns 2 strategically located warehouses. The newly completed headquarters building is located in Changi South, 10 minutes away from Changi International Airport and has a total of 240,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space which operates on a proprietary warehouse management system that enables inventory monitoring and real-time tracking of product movements. Its second warehouse in Tuas, has an area of  90,000 sq. ft. and is located near the new Port of Singapore Authority's (PSA) Tuas Mega Port. Both of these facilities are available to service third-party logistics' customers or for warehouse  lease.

For the storage and management of hazardous cargoes, Santa Logistics has another facility in Penjuru. As part of the total logistics management, its logistics specialists are also trained to handle customs clearance, import and export documentation, and other regulatory declarations ensuring seamless and professional solutions backed by proactive service and timely deliveries for customers.

Overall, Santa Logistics’ experience in infrastructure and systems allow it to offer a holistic total logistics management service to customers who are planning to outsource warehousing and logistics services. In summary, services include are shared below.

Freight Forwarding Services
  • Global network of air, land and sea freight forwarding services.

  • Trans-loading and Trans-shipments in Singapore port.

  • Aircraft chartering services.

  • Consolidation and distribution of cargo to or from around the world.

  • Forwarding of valuable, hazardous, perishable and controlled items.

  • ‘Triangular shipment’ services controlled from Singapore

  • Trucking services to or from Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand.

  • Documentation for permits, custom declarations, certifications of origins and others.

Warehouse Management and Inventory Control
  • Clean and tidy handling and storage of cargo

  • Customized pick and pack services for distribution

  • Real Time Web based inventory update and tracking for customers

  • Specialized storage for temperature and humidity sensitive cargo

Total Logistics Management
  • A comprehensive integration of our freight forwarding and warehousing capabilities to manage cargo

  • A single contact point to handle all logistics requirements reducing multiple coordination and further outsourcing

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