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Technical Services
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As an authorised distributor of ExxonMobil, Victor Enterprises is in partnership with leading lubrication experts around the world to provide up-to-date insights into technical trends and lubrication requirements. This information network helps to provide knowledge and reference for technologically advanced leading-edge lubricants for some of the most demanding equipment applications. 

Technical service and expertise include analysing lubrication requirements for optimal machinery and equipment performance by providing professional advice on the extensive ExxonMobil product range endorsed by various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Equipment Builders (EB). Victor Enterprises provides a Total Lubrication Solution in the areas of product application, technical expertise, and engineering tools to all customers.

Victor Enterprises' technical service team comprises of Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) with years of experience in providing engineering technical services. This is to ensure that customers’ equipment  have high reliability leading to minimal unexpected downtime through sound lubrication practices, proper lubrication selection, equipment troubleshooting, and other lubrication services. Additionally, the technical service team are able to recommend the most suitable lubricant oil for all equipment.

Our technical support services include but are not limited to:

  • Lubrication Seminars

  • Customised Lubrication Training

  • Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) with several analysis options - Enhanced, Varnish Prediction, Suitability for Continued Used, and Maximum Service

  • Mobil Serv℠ Advanced Analysis (MSAA)

  • Mobil Serv℠ Engineering Reports​​ including Optimum Oil Drain Interval Study, TCO Calculations, and etc.

  • On-site Lubricants Inspection

  • Lubrication Chart

  • Product Inventory Rationalisation

  • Lubricants Oil Compatibility Test

  • Predictive Condition-based Oil Monitoring System

  • Transport and Storage of Petroleum Products

  • Disposal of Used Oil

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