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Base Oil
Product Data Sheet
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Victor Enterprises provides consistent and high-quality base stocks when and where you need them.


Base oil is used to manufacture petroleum products including lubricating oil, greases, and metal processing. Base oils can be refined from crude oil (mineral base oil) or through chemical synthesis (synthesis base oil). The quality of base oils are depended on the refinement processes that have been performed. Grades are based on the percentage of saturates, sulfur, and viscosity index.


Victor Enterprises supplies base oil in various packagings, such as flexi-bags, bulk, and drums.

Group I
SN 150 
SN 500
BS 150
Safety Data Sheet
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Group II
N 70
N 150
N 500
N 600
Group III
4 cst
6 cst
8 cst
Group IV
4 cst
6 cst
8 cst
10 cst
40 cst
100 cst
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